Our biggest project yet. Diepsloot.

After the bug had bitten at Soweto Hospice, we embarked on our biggest project yet.


In July 2014 Duck and Craig broke ground at our Diepsloot Food Security Project.

We were introduced to a selfless man, Father Freddy, who heads up an orphanage and feeding scheme that feeds 250 underprivileged children daily from his premises. Freddy has dedicated his life to making a difference.

This man has had all the odds against him. Freddy narrowly escaped death when he was shot in the face during an armed Taxi robbery. Freddy recovered miraculously as we believe his work on earth wasn’t complete as too many people, mainly children rely on Freddy. What a remarkable man that we are so very fortunate to call our partner and friend on the ground. Freddy organised through the local school, a piece of ground for us to start our food security programme.

Very excited at the prospect of the land, Nic headed out to Dieplsoot to view the land with Freddy. Nic arrived to a “dumping site” that was piled sky high with rubble. This wasn’t going to stop a man on a mission or kill our passion to get involved with Father Freddy. Within 24 hours, Nic and his A team relocated themselves to Diepsloot for a month and removed 22 large tipper trucks of rubble off the site and our dream started to become a reality.

We brought in the equivalent amount of trucks worth of organic compost and soil and the team started to develop the layout of the vegetable garden. When the soil was ready, the entire Duck Squad, along with members of the Diepsloot community that Duck and Craig employed, we planted over 6000 vegetables ranging from spinach, tomatoes, cabbages, onions, carrots, baby marrows and more.

Our garden was officially opened in August 2014, when we had a ceremony with the local community to celebrate all the hard work that had gone into the project.

Very sadly on the eve of our opening one of our local team members on the ground, who had become a friend of the company, was attacked on route home with his weekly wage and his life was taken so ruthlessly over money and a cell phone. This left us all in utter shock and fear, however it didn’t stop us.

To dedicate his life and his involvement in our dream project, it inspired the team at Duck and Craig even more to get involved in a community that was in dire need.

We took the project to new levels with the construction of two massive greenhouses so we could grow crops through the winter months. We also installed a fully automated drip irrigation system to water the vegetables while keeping water wise.

We have employed a dedicated team, spearheaded by our very own Kenny G, an ex resident from Diepsloot who is so passionate about giving back to a community he once lived in and still has family and friends that reside there.

Kenny and his team are based in Diepsloot weekly where they manage the garden, keeping it weed free, insect free and pick fresh vegetables that go straight into the pot of Father Freddy’s feeding project that feeds the mouths of 250 hungry children.

We also pick and distribute vegetables to other orphanages in need throughout Diepsloot. Our Diepsloot Food Security Project is an absolute passion for Nic and his team and a very rewarding project to be involved in.

We would love more of our clients and friends of Duck and Craig to get involved in our project, please get in touch and see how you could help.